PapaKoala: Newborn development


Early stimulation exercises for babies from 0 to 1 year

The early years are the “prime time” for a young developing brain. This intense period of brain growth and network building capacity happens only once in a lifetime. As caregivers and parents, we have this brief but unique opportunity to help encourage the formation of brain circuitry in our infants.

PapaKoala app makes it simple with video-based activities and easy to follow steps to foster babies development.

Available languages: English, Español

Create an environment to foster brain development

The early years are a period of considerable opportunity for growth. Babies who have more sensory experiences are able to develop more brain power.

Provide early sensory experiences

Stimulating sensory experiences activate certain neural synapses, and this triggers growth processes that consolidate those connections. Synapses that are not activated progressively wither over time.

Develop deep attachments

Of all the sensory experiences, touch is how infants first know they are loved. PapaKoala activities foster trust and bonding between you and your baby.